Europe elopement photographer / Iceland elopement photographer 

Elopements have very special place in our hearts. We truly believe that this kind of weddings can give a chance to make it just unreal, like a day from the dreams and fairytailes. You need just to choose what you like, imagine in your minds perfect day… And elope! 

There is so many beautiful places on Earth where to go! It can be adventurous elopement in Iceland where you’ll get soaked under waterfall, or it can be gorgeous surreal Dolomites mountains in Italy and lake Lago di Brayes… Or it can be elegant day in Austria, romantic weekend in Vienna or weekends in some old castles. Or maybe do you want to go to Paris? 

Just close your eyes, take a breath and imagine your perfect BIG DAY.

You can see at this page a lot of different elopements that we photographed before in Iceland, Austria, Italy, France. But we always open to any suggestions and ready to go to new place to capture your beautiful story.