Daria+Ivan, wedding in Reykjavik Iceland

Daria + Ivan | Wedding photographer in Iceland

The story with Darya and Ivan was one of the most interesting in 2017.  

First of all, we were pleased to see that love is stronger than anything else and on this day guests from Ukraine, Russia, the United States and Canada were happy for the newlyweds. The day we began with a fun shooting in one of the hotels in Reykjavik, where the bridesmaids and the bride herself enjoyed themselves and the groom exchanged instructions with friends.  

The official part, namely, the wedding ceremony was scheduled to be held in a cozy Icelandic  Þingvellir Church in the Tingvilir National Park. It was very poetic to create a new family in a place where tectonic plates diverge. After the ceremony, there was a small banquet, where guests congratulated the newlyweds, happily shared their impressions, drank champagne and took pictures.

 This time, together with the newlyweds, we decided to go all in and for a wedding photo shoot to go off-road to the mountains. The road was difficult, but the landscapes that we opened were so amazing that we understood that the trip was not in vain. We saw hidden mountains that are not visible from the main road, the mouth of the rivers from the descending glaciers and simply the beauty of Iceland, which only opens from a height. 

 The evening ended in one of the restaurants in Reykjavik, where a photo zone was organized and everyone could capture himself on this beautiful day.

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