We followed our dreams so that we could take you with…literally.

 “One night, I (Nataly) woke up from a vivid dream with one word in my mind: Iceland.” 

That’s the crazy true story of how this all started.

 I woke up dreaming of Iceland and these other wild and faraway lands. We never been to any of these places before, yet it was so vivid and real — we knew there was something there we had to find! As it turns out, we found somewhat of a calling. Before that first trip to Iceland, neither of us had traveled much. It opened our eyes to how beautiful the world is and we couldn’t get enough.

It’s been years now since that dream, and Max and I have been all across Europe documenting elopement after elopement.!

We get to use our art to capture some of the coolest wedding day adventures imaginable, and it blows our minds how lucky we are to know our couples and their stories! It leaves us completely spellbound and inspired after every trip — how’s that for a dream come true?

We want to bring that surreal sort of joy to our couples too, and leave something purely beautiful to look back on. Every windswept mountain trail, every rushing waterfall, every blurry moment and teary “I do” leaves a profound impression on us. Long after the goosebumps are gone, the emotions we capture echo through our hearts and memories.

Our couples inspired us so much those years, we’ve decided we want to “redo” our own wedding day so we can have the same experience for ourselves! We had a tiny family celebration in 2016 right after we got married, and now we can’t wait to renew our vows somewhere spectacular, just like our couples.

We’re basically just good people here to serve good people — 

and leave the world a better place than we found it.

If that sounds like you, too, then we’d say we’re a dream team!

What do you think?

Who’s Who?

We’re two humans in love, just like you.

I bought Max at a charity event for $2” — no, really! I used to organize charity events where people could buy meetings to chat with others to support a cause. I bought a meeting with Max and that is how we first met.

He shared his passion for photography with me in 2013 and taught me most of what I know. Aside from both having the BEST JOBS IN THE WORLD, we both share an unconditional love for pizza and the dream of shooting in Antarctica someday. 

We spend our mornings arguing over who will make breakfast, and our evenings watching the Office, Friends or Atypical. When we’re not at home being a pretty normal couple, you can find us hiking in the Dolomites or Tirol, exploring the western fjords of Iceland or stuffing our faces in just about any pizzeria in Italy!

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