Elopement in Dolomites | Tre Cime di Lavaredo elopement

Dream Italy elopement brought to life in the Dolomites

Journey from the USA to the enchanting Dolomites

 Let me whisk you away on a romantic tale about Madison and John. This adorable couple journeyed from the bustling streets of the USA to the dreamy landscapes of Italy. Why, you ask? For an unforgettable elopement in the Dolomites, of course! Their hearts led them to the awe-inspiring Cadini di Misurina, just a hop, skip, and jump from the majestic Tre Cime.

A sunrise ceremony to remember
Imagine starting your wedding day with an adventurous hike, just as the sun begins to paint the sky. That’s exactly how Madison and John kicked off their elopement in the Dolomites. They trekked up the mountain, hand in hand, as dawn broke, creating a magical backdrop for their vow exchange at the summit. It was a scene straight out of a fairy tale, with the grandeur of the Dolomites witnessing their love.

Local delights and lakeside toasts in Italy
The adventure didn’t stop at the vows. After their mountaintop moment, our lovebirds descended to indulge in delicious local cuisine at a quaint Rifugio. The cherry on top? A celebratory champagne toast by the picturesque Lake Antorno. It was a feast for the senses and a fitting celebration for such a special day.

Capturing every Moment of your Dolomites elopement

As a Dolomites elopement photographer and videographer, capturing Madison and John’s special day was an honor. Every photo and video we took tells a story — from their first steps in the early morning light to the joyous laughter by the lake. These memories are more than images; they are the start of Madison and John’s beautiful journey together, forever encapsulated in the beauty of the Dolomites.


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