Family elopement in South Iceland

Lia and Gerard’s Wedding Adventure in Iceland

Join us on a delightful escapade with Lia, Gerard, and their little one as they celebrate their campervan elopement in Iceland. Their day was a heartwarming mix of love, laughter, and exploration, all packed into their cozy home-on-wheels.

A Private Waterfall Ceremony

Their vows were exchanged by a breathtaking private waterfall, where the warmth of the day made it feel like a summer dream!

Post-ceremony, the trio ventured on a glacier hike, an adventure that symbolized the strength and beauty of their union. Later, we captured stunning wedding photos at the Black Sand Beach, with the sunset painting the sky in mesmerizing colors. This intimate moment, with their daughter by their side, was filled with emotion and the serene sounds of nature.

An Elopement to Remember at Skogafoss Waterfall

Their magical day concluded at the majestic Skogafoss Waterfall. The waterfall’s grandeur was the perfect backdrop for their elopement, creating unforgettable moments captured by their Iceland wedding photographer and videographer.

A Day of Love, Captured Forever

As their Iceland wedding videographer and photographer’s duo, it was a privilege to create an Iceland wedding video and photos that represent their unique journey. From the waterfall vows to the sunset beach, their day was a beautiful celebration of love and family adventure.


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