Elopement for two in Iceland

Welcome to the tale of Jen and TJ, whose dream to elope in Iceland finally came to life in October 2021. Their elopement day was a canvas of changing skies, featuring everything from gusty winds and rain to sunshine and a touch of mountain snow.

Morning Bliss and a Scenic Fjord Ceremony

Their day started cozily in a quaint cottage, lost in the vastness of Iceland, with a breathtaking view of an Icelandic fjord. After a warm breakfast, they prepared for a day full of love and adventure, beginning with first look and a heartfelt Icelandic fjord ceremony.

Embracing the elements in a memorable ceremony

Despite the rain, their first look and vow renewal ceremony, set against the stunning backdrop of the fjord, was nothing short of magical. Getting wet under the rain only added to the charm and uniqueness of their special moment.

Adventures across the Snaeffelsness peninsula

The adventure continued across the Snaeffelsness Peninsula. This part of their journey was marked by wonderful encounters, including wedding photos with Icelandic horses at a local farm and a visit to an awe-inspiring stone bridge.

A finale on the Black Sand Beach

Their day of love, exploration, and celebration culminated with an elopement photos at black sand beach. The beach’s dramatic landscape provided a perfect, memorable end to their incredible elopement in Iceland.

Capturing every moment 

As their Iceland wedding photographer, capturing the essence of Jen and TJ’s elopement was a delightful experience. From the fjord ceremony to the final moments on the black sand beach, each photograph tells a story of love, adventure, and the natural beauty of Iceland.

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