Midnight sun elopement at Haifoss in Iceland

A magical midnight sun elopement in Iceland: an unforgettable night by Haifoss waterfall

Step into a night-time fairytale!

Join us as we reminisce about an extraordinary elopement we photographed a few years ago, still vivid in our memories. This unique wedding experience unfolded under Iceland’s mesmerizing midnight sun, where a daring couple chose to celebrate their love in an adventure elopement unlike any other.

A Haifoss waterfall elopement 

Their adventure elopement in Iceland led them on a moonlit journey to the breathtaking Haifoss Waterfall. As they stood in front of this towering natural wonder, the night’s mist and the thunderous sound of the waterfall enveloped them, marking an exhilarating and memorable start to their lifelong journey together.

Rainbows and lupines at midnight

Surrounded by the night’s magic, they witnessed a rare 2 AM rainbow framing the waterfall, a moment of pure wonder. The blooming lupines added splashes of color to their wedding photos, creating a surreal backdrop that was both dreamy and dramatic.

Ending with a soak in a hidden hot spring

Their adventure culminated in a serene soak in a hidden natural hot spring, a perfect ending to a night of excitement and romance. This tranquil moment allowed them to bask in the warmth of their love and the unique beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

Capturing every moment of their night adventure

As their Iceland wedding photographer, capturing their midnight sun elopement was an incredible honor. Each photo reflects the essence of their adventurous spirits and the enchanting backdrop of Iceland’s nocturnal beauty.

An elopement to inspire adventure

This night elopement wasn’t just a ceremony; it was a testament to the couple’s love for adventure and each other. It remains a beautiful example of how love can turn the most unconventional ideas into unforgettable experiences.


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