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Alexandra + Vlad | Secret elopement in Iceland | Iceland wedding photographer


Alexandra and Vlad wrote to us asking for a short wedding photo session in Iceland lasting 4 hours and it so happened that on the day they were interested we had to go to Reykjavik and pass through the places where they wanted to take photos.

On this day, the weather was not at all typical for Iceland — there was no wind at all and there was a thick fog. In this weather, Iceland becomes incredibly mysterious. Surprisingly, this day there were few tourists and it seemed that everyone was lost in the fog:) In such fog and silence it seemed that the troll’s fingers on the black beach of Reynisfjara Beach began to move!

When we arrived at the lighthouse near Cape Durhalai (Dyrhólaey), we were shocked that there was no visible arch of the cape because of the fog. Of course, we wanted to take photos with the arch in the background, but we also liked the foggy atmosphere :)

The last location for shooting was a secret waterfall, where on that day I had a chance to swim in an icy river, since our drone crashed and, hitting the cliff, the river fell. No matter what, it was a wonderful day in Iceland — we filmed a real Icelandic love story and had a wonderful time in good company!

P. S. Where else can you meet a bride in a white dress and black leather jacket? :) And why such an image has not yet become fashionable?


Thanks for watching!

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