Adventure elopement in Iceland

Elope in Iceland is a perfect decision for adventure lovers! There’s no more perfect place to celebrate your love and elope.

That’s what Yaime and Matt did — they planned adventure elopement in Iceland and complete it with hiking, waterfalls, glaciers, and a private black sand beach. They were planning a wedding in Iceland for a year and it turned out better than they could imagine! 

They began their day in a remote hidden cottage, surrounded by Iceland’s rugged and stunning landscape. The peacefulness and serenity of the countryside provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate and slow getting ready morning. They finished their vows, re-read them and were ready to hit the road! 

And it was time for the adventure to begin! First stop of their Iceland elopement day was a private waterfall. The couple took some time to appreciate the beauty of the waterfall and snap some Iceland wedding photos in front of it. From there, we explored the surrounding moss fields, where the vibrant greenery contrasted beautifully with the blue sky.

We set off on a hike to the canyon where they planned to have ceremony. The hike provided a chance to explore the beautiful nature of Iceland up close, with stunning views of the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and valleys along the way. Yes, you can get there views to all of these, what a hiking paradise and what a place to get married in Iceland! 

Once they reached the top of the canyon, they were ready to read their vows to each other. They were completely alone and only sound of falling water made a perfect background sound for their intimate ceremony in Iceland.

After the ceremony, we continued our adventure by visiting Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, so they could complete their icy elopement with wedding photos in front of the glacier! This lagoon was formed by the melting of glaciers, and the icebergs that float in it provide a surreal and unforgettable experience. The couple enjoyed a quiet moment together, taking in the stunning scenery and reflecting on the significance of their commitment to each other.

As the day began to wind down, we finished it with wedding photos at black sand beach. With no one else around, they were able to enjoy the quiet, romantic moment to the fullest. As they popped the champagne and toasted to their future together, the rugged beauty of Iceland provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate moment. We’re for sure honoured to be their elopement photographer and videographer in Iceland and being able to capture these once a life time moment! 

Elope in Iceland is for sure the most unique and non-traditional but unforgettable way to celebrate your love and connection. Whether if you’re looking for a peaceful ceremony in Iceland or unforgettable hiking adventure, waterfalls or glaciers, Iceland has it all! 
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