LGBT elopement in Iceland

An Iceland Elopement Story: Where Love and Nature Dance Together

 Let me tell you about Astros and Sandra, a charming couple whose love story is as enchanting as the Icelandic landscapes they adore.
For their special day, they decided to go to hidden place for their Iceland elopement session, making the most of a mesmerizing volcanic lake with its iconic black sand beach. This magical spot wasn’t just a location; it was a reflection of their deep, passionate love.

A summer of love and lupines in Iceland

Imagine a beautiful summer day in Iceland, where the world seems to be painted with the vibrant purples of wild lupines. This was the stunning setting for Astros and Sandra’s elopement in Iceland. The blooming lupines added a burst of color and life, perfectly mirroring the joy and vibrancy of their love.

Adventure and romance on Iceland’s unique terrain

Their wedding in Iceland was an adventure straight out of a fairy tale. Climbing the majestic volcanic rocks, they were surrounded by breathtaking views, a testament to the untamed beauty of Iceland. And what’s a celebration without a little fizz? Popping champagne on the black sand beach in Iceland, they shared a moment as unique and memorable as their bond.

Capturing every heartfelt moment as your Iceland Elopement Photographer

As an Iceland elopement photographer, we had the joy of capturing every sweet glance, every laugh, and the stunning backdrop of their love story. 

Each photo is a celebration of Astros and Sandra’s elopement in Iceland, set against the mesmerizing volcanic landscapes, the vivid lupines, and the intimate moments at the geothermal springs.


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