Elopement at Haifoss waterfall

Cherish and Harrison’s Iceland Elopement: Love Amidst Highlands and Waterfalls

Embark on the love-filled journey of Cherish and Harrison, who traveled from Texas to fulfill their dream Iceland elopement. In the heart of nature, they exchanged vows at a secret waterfall, capturing the essence of their love in the Icelandic wilderness.

Texas to Iceland: A Love Expedition

Cherish and Harrison’s intimate elopement unfolded against the backdrop of Iceland’s untamed beauty. With only the two of them and our lens, their love story intertwined with the breathtaking landscapes, from the mystical highlands to the captivating Haifoss waterfall.

Ceremonial Bliss with a Mountain Backdrop

Amidst fog and mist, their official Icelandic wedding ceremony took place in the highlands, framed by majestic mountains. As their dedicated Iceland wedding photographer, every click captured the raw emotion and the unparalleled beauty of their love story.

Elopement Photographer in Iceland: Crafting Love Stories

As elopement and wedding photographer in Iceland, we specialize in documenting intimate moments and grand landscapes. Cherish and Harrison’s love, written amidst fog and mist, showcases the unique charm that only an Iceland elopement can offer.

Cherish and Harrison’s Iceland elopement isn’t just a ceremony; it’s a short and sweet love tale woven into the fabric of Iceland’s highlands. Immerse yourself in their journey, where love blossoms amidst the wonders of nature.


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