Wedding for two in Iceland | wedding photographer in Iceland

Britta + Mikko | Wedding for two in Iceland | wedding photographer in Iceland


Britta and Mikko are an incredible couple from Germany with an interesting story who decided to consolidate their relationship in the severe Iceland.

Many years ago, Mikko presented Britta with a leather bracelet, which they vowed to take off on their wedding day.

We started this day in a cozy Icelandic house, where our couple stayed. After preparation, we went to take pictures in the stunning lupine fields and stopped near the incredibly cute and friendly Icelandic horses.

After that we went to the Sólheimajökull glacier and moved to the place of the ceremony where the commissioner met us. It was a very touching speech from which everyone burst into tears, and at the moment of cutting that leather bracelet the tears flowed in a stream. After the tears ended, we continued the ceremony and went to other locations in a stunning mood.

Our next stop was Cape Dyrhólaey (Dyrhólaey), which offers stunning landscapes of the ocean and beaches. After taking a few photos and admiring the scenery, we moved to the famous Icelandic black beach (Reynisfjara Beach), where we finished our amazing day.

Thank you Britta and Mikko for choosing us as a wedding photographer and videographer for your sweet wedding for two in amazing Iceland!


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