Iceland Elopement at Black Sand Beach. Destination wedding elopement photographer videographer

Iceland elopement at black sand beach

Iceland elopement at black sand beach

Anna-Lisa & Ryan’s adventure Iceland elopement: Love, Laughter, Waterfalls and Lupines

Let’s jump right into the heart of Anna-Lisa and Ryan’s epic elopement in Iceland, a day where love stories and fairy tales seemed to merge. As their Iceland wedding photographer and videographer, we were there to catch every magical moment and the unique details that made their day unforgettable. Enjoy their Iceland wedding video and photos!

Cozy cottage morning

Their day started in the warmth of a quaint cottage in South Iceland. Imagine getting ready with your beloved, surrounded by the lush beauty of Iceland in June, when the lupines are in full bloom and the sun barely nods off. Their first look was nothing short of a movie scene, set against such a breathtaking mountains landscape.

A private ceremony with nature’s blessings 

Then came the ceremony by a hidden waterfall, where the real magic happened! Our couple, standing hand in hand, with Icelandic horses as their only audience, made their promises to each other. The soft rain that started to fall only added to the intimacy and magic of their Iceland elopement, creating a beautiful, otherworldly scene.

Laughter and champagne toast at Skogafoss 

Their adventure didn’t stop at the vows! We ventured to Skogafoss, where, against the roaring backdrop, they popped open a bottle of champagne, laughing and toasting to their future! Soaked but ecstatic, they embodied the spirit of an adventure elopement in Iceland.

Gifts and giggles

A short break for lunch at a local spot gave them a moment to exchange surprise gifts, a heartwarming scene set against the backdrop of old, grass-roofed houses. Tears of joy and bursts of laughter filled the air, capturing the essence of their bond.

Midnight sun and Black Sand Beach

The day’s adventure culminated on a black sand beach. Alone, they explored the beach and enjoyed the view of the waves and the cliffs. These elopement photos at black sand beach was a perfect finale, a moment of peace and awe in the endless daylight of Icelandic summer.

Let’s create your elopement story 

Dreaming of your own elopement in Iceland, complete with lupines, waterfalls, and the midnight sun? Whether it’s an elopement or an Iceland wedding, as your Iceland elopement videographer and photographer we’re here to capture every laugh, tear, and breathtaking scene. 

Let’s make your day as unforgettable as Anna-Lisa and Ryan’s! Contact us to make it started! 


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