Elopement at secret waterfall in Iceland

Eloping in Iceland is not just a wedding, it’s a magical adventure set in a land of stunning contrasts. Picture exchanging vows amidst the breathtaking beauty of Iceland’s highlands, a place where nature’s majesty creates the perfect backdrop for your love story.

In late July, when the roads to the highlands of Iceland are open, imagine embarking on an enchanting journey. A couple, full of love and adventure, did just that! They traveled by jeep, exploring Iceland’s raw beauty and looking for perfect place for wedding photoshoot. Their first discovery was a hidden waterfall in a secluded forest, a serene spot perfect for intimate moments and reflection. 

Their adventure led them to another majestic waterfall in the highlands, symbolizing the flow and vitality of their love. Here, amidst the wild landscape, they picked wild berries and basked in nature’s splendor, savoring each moment together.

Every step of their journey was artfully captured by us as their Iceland wedding photographer. These images weren’t just photographs, but they were vivid stories of their elopement, capturing the essence of their journey — the laughter, the love, the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland.

The day concluded with a heartfelt ceremony in a local church, surrounded by loved ones. This was more than a wedding; it was a celebration of a unique union in one of the world’s most extraordinary places.

Eloping in Iceland means starting your life together in a land where every view is a masterpiece, every moment a memory. With an Iceland wedding photographer immortalizing your journey, your elopement becomes a timeless story of love and adventure.


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