Elopement at private black sand beach in Iceland

Kimberly & Richard’s Enchanting Iceland Elopement Adventure

Strap in for Kimberly and Richard’s captivating Iceland elopement story. It’s a blend of romance, adventure, and stunning Icelandic scenery, all beautifully captured in both photos and videos.

Mountain Magic & First Glances 

Their adventure started with a breathtaking first look against Iceland’s iconic mountains. As their Iceland elopement photographer and videographer team, we made sure to capture every magical moment.

A Ceremony on Black Sand Beach 

Next, imagine a heartwarming ceremony on a secluded black sand beach. Their traditional pagan ceremony was just as unique and special as their love, set against the stunning backdrop of the Icelandic coast.

Glacial Wonders & Summer Scenes

We then ventured out for some incredible wedding photos at a glacier, capturing the essence of their adventure elopement in Iceland. The blooming summer lupines added a touch of whimsy to their already picturesque day.

Ending with Yoda Cave’s Mystique 

To top off their extraordinary day, we visited the intriguing Yoda Cave. It was a surreal and beautiful end to a day filled with unique experiences and love.

Dreaming of Your Own Iceland Adventure? 

Inspired yet? If you’re planning an adventure elopement in Iceland, remember, We’re not just a photographer, but also a videographer duo, ready to capture your love story against Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes.


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