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Laura+Robert | Elopement in South Iceland | Iceland elopement photographer


When people ask us what kind of weddings we especially like to photograph our answer is intimate weddings and elopements. Especially adventurous elopements. So when Laura and Robert asked us to photograph their elopement in Iceland it was the love from the very first sight! :)

It was second day of our journey around Iceland with these two soulmates. After their ceremony we showed them beauty of South Iceland, visited a lot of waterfalls and they even climbed to the cliff in their wedding outfits! And while they were staring at all the beauty of Iceland we made our job. We spent the whole day telling each other stories, hiking and climbing and laughing of course. The wedding dress after all these adventures and running at the black beach was dirty but as we like to say:

” dirty dress is happy dress”! 

That’s the one day in life and we like to see at these happy faces and love in their eyes.


Thanks for watching!

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