Yang + Yu | Iceland engagement

Yang + Yu | Iceland engagement


This day was spent with a very nice couple from China, who wanted to do their wedding photo session in a fascinating Iceland.

For shooting, we chose the western part of Iceland and, since the road was the farthest from Reykjavik, we left at 4 am to start shooting at dawn.

On the way, the weather changed greatly and a heavy downpour periodically began, but we believed that the shooting would work out and were rewarded with great weather for the photos. Dawn was so fabulous that we could not resist spending 5 minutes and just watch the rays of the sun make their way through the clouds and illuminate the beautiful Icelandic lake. Another discovery for us was that due to the lower temperature in September, the clouds climb higher above the mountains and volcanoes and incredibly beautiful snow-capped peaks opened for us!

On the way, we really wanted to go to the beach of seals (Ytri Tunga) and admire them :) Unfortunately, we met only 3−4 seals, who probably tried to bask in the sun, but lay in icy water :) But on the way we We met much more mobile 3 white Icelandic sheep and one black sheep. Of course, we tried to get closer to them, but they decided to run away, and we laughed at how their wool was shaking while running :)

Of the famous places, our first stop was the famous Icelandic black church Budir (Búðakirkja). For these half an hour the weather was sunny and very windy, and it started to rain, and then the sun shone again. But in the end we got amazing photos, and Budir led us with a beautiful rainbow :)

Another beautiful place is the cave and the ravine Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge, where you need to climb the mountain, but as a reward you get very beautiful landscapes from above. It is impossible not to visit the famous Arnastapi Arch (Arnastapi) for the sake of beautiful photographs and the thrill of walking along it. We were lucky and the wind was not very strong, so Young and Yu were able to calmly pass over the stone bridge.

We stopped at another beautiful place Londrangar, but for a long time could not be there — the wind knocked down, and if you jump, it took a few meters :) The last stops were another black Icelandic beach (Djúpalónssandur beach) and a small waterfall on the way back to Reykjavik.

It was a busy and varied day — we saw different Iceland and different Icelandic weather, which is a great success for a day trip :)


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