NICK + QUINN — August 28, 2018

We exchanged our vows by the cliffs or Arnarstapi in Snaefellness Peninsula, Iceland. None of it would have happened without Nataly and her husband, together they form an A-team wedding team of Nikolaichik Photography. Nataly takes breathtaking photos that capture emotions and her husband, Maxim captures our moment in video. We were recommended to Nikolaichik via our photographer friend who cannot make it for us and the rest is history. Six months in and we're still in touch and in fact received a little gift, a wooden box of surprise just in time for Valentine's tomorrow. Having the right photographer makes a world of difference in your biggest day and moment of your life and for us both, Nikolaichik Photo was the only right choice. Finally, Nataly also provides some local experience on where to go on Nick's birthday celebration, this local tip had no tourist. We were also provides coordinates to secret waterfall that requires a small hike, it made our ongoing honeymoon in Iceland after that very interesting and we both will cherish this memory and Iceland for the rest of our lives
POLINA + DANIEL — April 30, 2019

Everything about Nataly and Maxim Nikolaichik was amazing. They made everything so easy. It was quite stressful trying to find the a photographer and videographer for our small wedding in Iceland, but when I stumbled upon them online and sent them a inquiry their quick response and friendliness immediately caught my attention. As soon as I spoke with them it felt right. They were a husband and wife team with plenty of experience, they had a beautiful portfolio, they were priced reasonably, and they responded so patiently to each and every question. When we met on our wedding day they were so professional and at the same time so warm. We were quite nervous about having cameras pointed at us so often but they were so encouraging and reassuring. They knew exactly where to take us, making the extra effort to bring us to beautiful places for our shoot. They worked so well with our friends and family as well. I had a bad headache the day after my wedding and they were even prepared with some medication to give me. They knew lots of beautiful places in Iceland. Gave us plenty of tips and stories, and were always ready to go the extra mile. They were on time with everything as well.
They were so kind, professional, and accommodating to us that when we said our goodbyes after shooting I was in tears. It was amazing how intimate our friendship had gotten in just two days as they had captured and recorded a very intimate moment in our lives.
The first 10 photos came after 10 days and they were AMAZING. beautiful beautiful photos. How they made ordinary people seem like part of something extraordinary is a talent! The photos and what they captured was brilliant. I wanted to frame each of them.
The rest of the photos and the video came after 90 days. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was that they captured every single important moment on our wedding day. The video was mind blowing. Everything was so good and perfectly captured and artistic. In the hurry and stress and nerves that is involved on the day of your wedding you tend to forget the little details. Natallia and maxim captured everything perfectly. It was perfectly and beautifully preserved. I am forever grateful.
If you are looking to have a wedding / elopement or any special event you want to remember forever. I highly highly recommend the Nikolaichik team! 10/10.

ANJARA + PEDRO — March 10, 2019

Natalia and Max are a young and adventurous couple and connecting with them was effortless. Sharing our day with them felt like a celebration of our marriage instead of a photographic session. They're easy to communicate with and answered all of our questions before the big day. Natalia was more than our photographer, she was a friend, and gave me all the recommendation I needed from a local person (we didn't know anyone from Iceland nor anyone who'd get married in Iceland). The session started in the morning and they were on point. We drove from Reykyavik to Vik and made several stops to take photos. They know the best and private places in Iceland so your photos will be unique and beautiful. They stayed with us for more than 8 hours and allowed us to have champagne after the ceremony and even took amazing photos of it. I would recommend them blindly and hope to have them as photographers again

DIANA + TIM — March 14, 2019

Nataly and Maksim were an absolute pleasure to work with! You can really tell how passionate they are about their craft with their preparations and attention to detail — they took the time to visit the reception location and the rooms where the bride and groom were going to get dressed to understand how to make the space and people in it look beautiful. During our adventure wedding, which entailed 16 hours of continuous shooting, Nataly and Maksim were meticulously capturing all the wonderful moments we shared with our guests. Additionally, they went above and beyond in everything they did — from suggesting to use their instant camera during the reception to add more fun for the guests, to filming some extra interviews as a surprise ending in the video they gave us. The photos were artistically stunning, and skillfully captured the emotions on faces, even those that were taken on a very dark reception dance floor. I cannot stop smiling when looking at the photos Nataly took, as they take me back to those wonderful moments. I can confidently say that hiring Nataly and Maksim to do our wedding photo+video was one of the best decisions I made in the entire wedding planning process :) I highly recommend them!

ETHAN + ALLISON — June 20, 2019

Nataly and Maksim were wonderfully artistic with our wedding photos and great company as well. We appreciated having photographers that are adventurous as we are! They helped us capture the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland in ways that will remind us to be in our relationship always like water. We are enthralled with our photos, and we will cherish them forever.

EMMA + STÅLE — June 21, 2019

Nataly's and Max's work is art. They have captured the magic in our best moments, in our love and fun in the impressive Icelandic nature. They both are warm persons and made us feel very comfortable in our wedding day. Thank you again Nataly and Max!

M + M — June 28, 2019

It was such a joy working with Nataly and Max! They were so friendly and adventurous. We even braved a narrow path to a secret waterfall together. While our main goal was to take amazing photos and video, I feel like we bonded over a roadtrip filled with surreal sights. Despite how chilly it got during the night, they kept high spirits. Loved our time together and also love the photos & video footage Nataly and Max captured!

ASHLEY + TOM — July 2, 2019

Our adventure with Nataly and Max was incredible! They have so much knowledge of Iceland and they aren’t afraid of anything. Our photoshoot took place in the middle of the night and our first destination was Háifoss. We hiked down in wedding clothes to greet the unbelievable waterfall face to face. What really impressed us was that Nataly and Max made the hike the day before, so they were prepared. The hike is very steep and full of rocks but that didn’t deter any of us. As for the photos, Nataly and Max gave great direction. My husband and I were so worried about how to pose but these guys made it seamless and natural. But we didn’t stop at Háifoss! Nataly and Max took us to three other locations for photos including another waterfall and a hot spring! The entire photoshoot felt very personal and tailored to us. Nataly and Max were so patient and motivated to capture the best photos. The views were breathtaking and worth every step! If we had not asked for Natalia and Max, I don’t think we would have ever gone. It was definitely an adventure we will never forget!

SAM + JILLIAN — August 10, 2019

Words cannot fully express how great of a job Jill and I felt about the job Nataly and Max did shooting us the day of our wedding. Not only were they the consummate professionals, but true artisans dedicated to combining craft and the provision of an international travel experience. The two photographers used everything from professional cameras to fun Polaroids and wedding guest mobile phones, all the while directing us around Budir, Iceland with an attuned knowledge of the landscape that only comes from years of experience. If you need a seasoned pair of photographers who are warm, humble, and razor-sharp, don't hesitate to pick these two. We love you Nataly and Max!
SUZZIE + CODY — September 4, 2019

Nataly and Max were amazing photographers! A week before our photo shoot, Nataly let us know how windy Iceland was and wanted to make sure we were going to be warm for our photo shoot! When we got to Iceland they gave us our first location and from there they took us on an adventure! We went to about 5-6 different areas and some of the treks were a little difficult but definitely worth it! I love how they took us to different little hidden spots! Especially one where we had to cross a stream with wet rocks! One of our sites, there were TONS of tourists but Nataly's did an amazing job at photo-shopping them all out and the picture came out absolutely beautiful!
Nataly and Max went above and beyond our expectations and highly recommend them and we hope to use them again in the future!
LAURA + ROBERT — September 24, 2019

Nataly was great to work with! She is very professional, but also makes you feel relaxed during your session. We did a two day session for our Iceland elopement & we couldn't be happier!

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