Nice to meet you!

We are a family of photographers who love their work and strive to please people with wonderful photos.

The main thing in any business is constant training and improvement, and this is what we are doing throughout our career. Every year we attend a lot of master classes, follow the novelties in the world of photography and experiment in our photo projects.

Each of us specializes in the personal directions of photography and does it well. Nevertheless, we help each other and supplement our experience and knowledge, which makes our vision of photography much wider.


About Nikolaichik Photo — Iceland wedding photographer & videographer

During the years of photography, having experienced myself in different kinds of photography, I made my choice.

The product and jewelry picture for me is an opportunity to do everything accurately and accurately, to immerse in the process of shooting, without distracting for anything and take a photo that will show the subject profitable and be able to sell it.

Interior shooting also gives time to arrange and search for the best shooting point. And after the shooting, it’s very nice to listen to the customers gratitude that in the photos they saw their object in another interesting light. It is especially interesting when people live in an apartment or a house for years, and then, looking at the pictures, they wonder how beautiful they are.

In recent years, I participate in filming movies, TV shows and commercials. Despite the fact that a large team works in such projects, I also do video shooting myself.


About Nikolaichik Photo — Iceland wedding photographer & videographer

My passion is warm memories and touching moments of life.
That’s why I’m so close to wedding photography, Lovestory, photographing newborns and family photography.

At weddings, an unimaginable amount of emotion, which for me is a real happiness! I’m pleased to hear that my photos are becoming part of family photo albums and I’m working for it.

Lovestory helps create an atmosphere of romance and memories of how love began. It is always interesting to discuss ideas with couples and link them to the real history of love!

Photographing newborns is love, awe and tenderness. These photos are proudly painted on canvases in the apartments and homes of parents, as well as happy grandmothers and grandfathers, because the kids in the photos — this is a real picture!

Family photography is impregnated with the stories of generations, and when grandparents gather together, children and their new families, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a new story takes place at such moments, which will be pleasantly remembered by a family evening.